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Carrier Sales Rep – ATRA Logistics

Job Description

The Carrier Manager will oversee the booking, dispatching, and coordination of ATRA Logistics’ freight. The individual needs to have the desire to succeed with an understanding of the complexities of the truckload market. The ideal candidate understands that carriers are the backbone of our business and are directly linked to the success of the company. The ideal candidate has strong verbal communication skills as well as the ability to learn quickly.


-    Minimum of two years as a Carrier sales Rep with a transportation brokerage
-    Familiar with Transportation Management Software (IE, Mcleod, Aljex, Mercury Gate, etc…)
-    A proven history of managing carriers that produce a minimum of $1M in annual revenue.
-    Microsoft Office Proficient
-    Familiarity with load boards -ITS and DAT

Required Skills and Abilities

-    Excellent verbal and written communication skills
-    Excellent Phone Skills
-    The ability to negotiate
-    A strong understanding of the freight market – rates, seasonality supply fluctuations
-    The ability to develop long-term relationships with carriers – not just sourcing trucks from the load boards.
-    Excellent organizational and record-keeping skills
-    A strong understanding of FMCSA ratings/carrier qualification guidelines.


-    Associates Degree (Bachelor preferred)
-    T.I.A. Certified Transportation Broker (pre

To Apply

-    Email a cover letter, copy of your resume, and references to

NOTICE: Nothing in this job posting should be construed as a guarantee of an offer, a promise of employment, or an employment contract.

ATRA Logistics is an equal-opportunity employer. It does not discriminate based on age, disability, gender, marital status, national origin, race, religion, etc.

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